My baby turns two

December 18th 2006, my baby turns two.

The truth is Adam had no idea why we bought this cake with candles and all and why suddenly gave him those fabulous gifts, the idea of birthdays is still very strange to him.
I got Adam a Renault F1 car. No kidding. That mean machine costs me a cool 16.9 million bucks. Now who else would give his kid something like that?
Ok, I'm just kidding. That cool rc car was only RM16.90. His mom gave him a chequered t-shirt which is still cool, but not as cool as mine.

Now we interrupt this post to test my blogger connection here at my office


  1. wah..why both the boys year end babies,ah?

  2. Of course, it took some precision engineering planning on my part to come out with that :P