My Savvy review (sorry no pictures)

After getting myself a new job, my wife and I had decided to get ourselves a brand new ride.After much debate, we decided on a Proton Savvy. Personally I'd prefer a second hand Wira but Linda had her reservations on second hand cars. So Savvy it is. It's not a 350z but it'll do for us.

I choose black cause it's one of my favourite colours. My other favourite colour is red but I think for a ride, black is a lot cooler. This mini car costs us some 40000 ringgit (i think) over a 9 year period of installment.

Call me unlucky, but this car has given me trouble ever since the first few hours of delivery. First the central alarm system is not working, meaning I can't use the remote to lock/unlock the car. Then the transmission is faulty, I can't change into reverse. Imagine how i felt when I had to reverse the car with the help of my friends in front of my office.

I went to dealer and the service centre about half a dozen time to fix that problem. Only after they changed the linkage rod to the transmission did my car works fine until today. Proton cars are good, it's the QC that sucks, big time.

Overall, I'm quite satisfied with my Savvy. The fuel consumption is good and the car is great around curves and while cornering.

Adam has sportingly agreed to become our model for the day

There's ample room up front but the passenger seat is rather small compared to say a Perodua Myvi.

The Renault engine was alright and my fastest speed so far is about 150km/h. Not that i can't go any faster but I plan to use this car for a long time u know. Don't want to blow up the engine or anything.

Like every other Proton cars, the Savvy uses a Clarion stereo system. CD player, FM - no mp3, u know the usual stuff. The air cond is cool, I felt really cold already only at number 2. Maybe because it's brand new. There's something wrong with the glove compartment. I had to shove it hard to close it. Don't tell me that's normal with new cars?

The dealer gave us this multimedia computer speaker and a free - whole car tinted film voucher. When we went to the tint shop, we found out the free tint is way too dark and no way it's gonna pass any JPJ/Police inspection. So we end up buying the 500 bucks greenish tint which is 300 more out of our own pocket. I got the feeling we were pretty much ripped off by the dealer/tint shop owner.

As a summary, the Proton Savvy is a great car provided you get it from the right dealer. I'm quite happy with the car at the moment and it passed the balik kampung trip, all 1100km with flying colours.


  1. hantar pimp my ride la..
    when can i get a ride?

  2. The pictures were originally from my Google Docs page. Now they're gone. No idea how.