There goes the neighbourhood

After much deliberation, we have decided to move to a new place in Taman Universiti, Seri Kembangan yesterday. We started cleaning the house first thing on Saturday so that we could just move right in the next day. Just our luck, our new neighbours chose the very same day to hold their daughter's wedding. They've already set up tents and tables right in front of our homes when we got there and like any good Malaysian would do, we had a little friendly chit chat and they sportingly agreed to remove the tables for a while so that we can move into our new home on Sunday.

Linda and I started packing untill late past midnight on Saturday. I've decided not to carry along any useless stuff into our new home and make sure we only pack what's really neccessary and threw out the rest. As a result, we end up with half the load we had since our last time. The movers came as early as 8 in the morning on Sunday. Linda's younger brother, Yo and I took turns to transfer all the boxes and stuff up and down from the 3rd floor. I've never felt this tired for ages. The first half an hour I was still wearing my singlet but on the last half an hour I felt so hot and sweaty, I just went topless and ran around half naked up and down the stairs. Fortunately the girls on the 1st floor was not up yet that morning, else they'd go ga-ga seeing my hot body ha ha!

It took us an hour and a half to load all our stuff into the lorry but only about 25 minutes to unload it back at our new place. As always, our 2 year old Adam Farihin became the biggest casualty. He got in everybody's way, got knocked around by people and bumped into stuff all over the place. Poor Adam, I know he's just trying to help but he became quite a nuisance instead. Later in the afternoon we went shopping at Tesco in Puchong cause we needed a lot of stuff for our new home and we spent like nearly 400 ringgit on groceries alone yesterday.

Our neighbour's wedding dinner only starts around 8 in the evening yesterday. I was rather alarmed when they started playing really loud music in front of our house. True enough, my fears were justified when they continued playing those loud all through the night. The music was so loud it's like hearing aeroplanes taking off. Now imagine standing there on the runway for 5 hours straight. That's how long we were forced to endure the blaring loud music last night. I tried to ignore them at first out of good neighbourly spirit but after 5 hours, it was just too much for anyone to take. The music only stopped by 1.30 in the morning when some of our Chinese neighbours knocked some sense into those idiot's head. Well, they didn't literally do that but i did saw them gathering in front of my house. Let's just say I'm not so fond of Indian weddings and Indian people in general right now. Plus I'm seriously considering boycotting our regular mamak place or sundry shop or barber for the next few weeks because of that. I know not all Indians in Malaysia is a jerk like them, but last night was simply dreadful. They didn't really make a good impression on our first day there.

I woke up this morning with a slight headache because of last night and feeling slightly feverish. One thing I noticed there wasn't a single mosquito last night. That's like yay! My neighbour did mention there's hardly any mosquitoes around there but I never took them seriously then. I've never lived anywhere where I don't have to light up a mosquito repellent every night. This is unbelievable!

Again we have to send Adam to a new nursery today. We did took him to his new nursery on Sunday so that he can familiarize a bit with the place but only for a while though. We were preparing for the worst this morning cause judging from past experience, Adam would cry out loud every morning for nearly a week when we first leave him at his last baby sitter. It just broke our hearts to see him crying like that and were expecting the same this time. But to our pleasant he was perfectly okay this morning. He didn't cry or try clinging to us when we leave him there. It's like he understood every word my wife Linda said to him yesterday when she said we're leaving him at a new place and all. I'm so proud of Adam Farihin today, I almost cried. I know he loves making friends with other kids even those older than him and there's quite a few other kids there at the nursery. I hope he's doing all right at the moment. Adam you got to be strong now, don't go around bullying the other kids too much and don't give that new kakak a hard time ya!

New nursery

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