Liverpool 2 Chelsea 0

Just come back from 105 minutes of watching a terrific performance from Liverpool who beat Premiership Champions Chelsea 2 goal to nil. Though my butt hurts a little right now after sitting so long on that plastic chair,at least it's worth every minute of it. I'm always nervous when watching Liverpool taking on the big clubs especially the top 3 (United-Chelsea-Arsenal). I still recall half the time I watched them live on tv, we will always loose and that got me thinking I'm a jinx to the club or something. But tonight I know that it's just purely superstitious cause we beat them fair and square while I'm watching every minute of it. Dirk Kuyt opened the scoreline just after 4 minutes and Jermaine Pennant finished it off with a fantastic volley past their goal keeper on the 18th minute. Chelsea never recovered from the shock of those early goals and didn't make much of an impact in the second half. I can't wait to brag at my Chelsea-supporting office mates on Monday.

Jermaine Pennant celebrating his goal against Chelsea

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