Happy New Year everybody!

This year I celebrated my new year at Linda's folks' place in Tanah Merah. Didn't go anywhere this time except lay on the sofa and watch tv. Not that there's any New Year celebration there in Tanah Merah anyway. Just got back from Kelantan this afternoon. Linda make sure I did by taking care of most of the expenditure. It's not hard to please my wife. Just bring us home to Tanah Merah and she'll be happy. We started off on Friday. I got my annual leaves approved long time ago. Linda had to get her m.c from a private clinic. The first clinic she went recommends that she referred to the Selayang hospital for further check up immediately after she complained of gastric. Honestly I think the doctor from Klinik Bahari just screwing up with her. She knew all along my wife is perfectly ok.

Anyway, we went through Kuala Selangor and straight to Manjung to pick up her sister there. Hazlin is very pregnant and expecting delivery in February. After Maghrib we left for Grik and then Tanah Merah. Her husband didn't get any leave this new year so it's just her. The journey from Grik to Tanah Merah was pleasant and smooth. There's little traffic on route plus i love the fact that there's little lorry or bus plying through this route. Just after the border into Kelantan there was heavy fog all around. I had to drive very carefully and turn the hazard lights on. That's my first experience driving through foggy road. Thank God we made it safe and sound at 3 am in the morning.

This Hari Raya i barely managed to catch the morning prayer. I did woke up early but I continued sleeping afterwards. We went to Linda's kampung nearby to visit her relatives. It had became a new tradition for me now, going to Kampung Sat visiting her many-many relatives. I can't really complain about that.

We got a lot of beefs this Hari Raya. By now, I'm trully sick of eating too many beefs.
Yesterday we held a birthday party for Linda's youngest sibling, Adira Hanum. She turned 12 last month and got straight A's for her UPSR exams. Pity she didn't get to go to any boarding school (as yet). My dad came along to visit us also yesterday. He looks quite alright though he did smoked a lot.

We mean to leave for KL at 3 am this morning but everybody overslept so we left at 6.30 am instead. There was a major traffic congestion at Raub but lucky for me I knew the alternative Sertik-Mempaga route to the Karak highway. We got hee in one piece around 3.30 in the afternoon.

This is the first time I went back home to Kelantan and return home all by myself safely in one piece. The first time I went home in 2nd year of UPM, lost a few of my teeth and got myself an ambulance ride to the hospital. The second time, my Honda NSR RR broke down while i 'm about to return back to KL. End up taking a bus. So this is quite an achievement for me. Duh!

I had only 3 new year resolutions for 2007. First I'm gonna loose a lot of weight, help Linda more often and save up money for the future. Surely I can do that right?

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  1. hope all ur resolutions kesampaian..amin!