Blogger now and forever

Rumours has it, I'm gonna stick to for good soon. Well, I had to tell you, that's very much true. From now on, I'm gonna stick with through thick and thin, till death do us apart, whoa! I should get paid by Google inc just for saying those. Nevermind I can't post from my office or lost my post while posting from my mobile, I'm still gonna go with Blogger. I'm just tired of looking for other blog hosting services. They're just not up to par.
Today, I'm writing from home here in Sri Serdang. I'm lucky just to be able to open this page. Previously, it's always 500 error page. At the moment, this blogger page is all scrambled up. I still can't view my blog page but at least I can post this today. is great. Now if only I can post anything there or view it later from my pc.


  1. jennyfromthe blockJanuary 21, 2007 11:55 AM

    but u can access from home already kan?

  2. Yeah, but I have to go through this proxy bypasser website cause there's something wrong with the UPM's server. I think they don't approve of students writing blogs and stuff.